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Information Priory
Bird Ringing
Priory Country Park
Bird ringing in the park is done by volunteers from the Ivel Ringing Group. They catch birds in fine (mist) nets and then record the birds details, and give them an identification ring.

The park takes part in a survey, organised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), to identify national trends in bird populations. This is a constant effort survey (CES), which means the same amount of hours are spent ringing every year in the same location.

Other areas of the park are also used for bird ringing, apart from the
© Errol Newman 2009
© Errol Newman 2009
one used for the CES, which allows us to see which birds are using which areas of the park. This information can then be used to help decide how to manage certain areas of the park.
Not just anyone can catch birds to ring them, you have to be licensed by the BTO. If you want to know more about bird ringing you could contact the Ivel Ringing Group or the BTO.