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Renewable Technologies
Fact Sheets

Download fact sheets about the renewable technologies used in the Visitor’s Centre.

In 2012 the Visitors Centre (now the cafe) was upgraded to show changes that could be made to a domestic property to reduce it’s energy use.

This included increasing the amount of loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and triple glazed windows to keep the heat in.
Priory Country Park Priory Country Park
A natural daylight system was installed to bring light in through the ceiling and low energy light bulbs were used to reduce energy use where they are still needed.

Solar photovoltaic panels were installed to generate electricity.
Priory Country Park
A rainwater harvesting system was retro-fitted to the building incorporating slimline water tanks. This water is used to flush some of the public toilets.
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© Daniel Fellman 2015
© Daniel Fellman 2015