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Information Priory
Bats at Priory
There are records of ten different species of bat at Priory:
• Barbastelle
• Brown Long-Eared
• Common Pipistrelle
• Daubenton’s
• Leisler’s
• Natterer’s
• Nathusius' Pipistrelle
• Noctule
• Serotine
• Soprano Pipistrelle
Bats at Priory
Priory Country Park
When the sun goes down different wildlife comes out to play at Priory Country Park.

You may like to join the Bedfordshire Bat Group, on a bat walk (see the Priory Diary).

A bat walk gives you the chance to:
• See bats in their natural environment
• Listen to bats on a detector
• Talk about bats with Bat Group members
© Daniel Fellman 2014
© Daniel Fellman 2014
The Rangers are involved with the scientific monitoring of the bats within the park by:
• Looking for bats and recording what we find
NBMP roost count (Soprano Pipistrelle)
• NBMP waterways count (Daubenton’s)

Priory is also home to a bat box project. Find out more here.

National Bat Help Line: 0345 1300 228