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Information Priory
Birds at Priory
Priory Country Park
Priory Country Park has a variety of habitats that support a wide range of birds, from woodland to waders.

The lakes provide habitat for many species including:

• Ducks
• Geese
• Terns
• Gulls
© Dave Kramer 2009
Priory Country Park
Bird hides located on the south side of the Priory lake and the East side of the Fingers Lake.

The conservation zone includes areas managed for the birds and many species may be seen from the edges of the woods.

On the other side of the river Great Ouse there is a series of semi-improved grass fields, which are slowly reverting to sedge.
Priory Country Park
Two of these have temporary pools and are good places to see waders.

There is a blog for the park, run by one of our regular bird watchers.
© Dave Kramer 2009
© Dave Kramer 2009
Birds at Priory
Our regular birder Dave Kramer produces the yearly bird report for Priory Country Park. The PDF version has been made available below.