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Butterflies at Priory
Priory Country Park
The variety of habitats maintained at Priory Country Park provide plenty of interest for the butterflies - there are 16 recorded species, although some appear to be captive releases, so do not expect to see all 16.

The meadow edges are particularly good areas to see them as there are places they can rest to avoid predators and also have easy access to the flowers for food.

Try walking slowly from the new cut to the conservation area, along the hedge line opposite the river, and keep a keen eye out for all the wildlife.
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Priory Country Park

The rangers also take part in a scientific monitoring programme with a butterfly transect. This is a specific route that is walked weekly, in Spring and Summer, and the numbers and species of butterflies are recorded.

These records are then sent in to the Natural History Society, who use them to help see trends in the butterfly populations.
© Daniel Fellman 2009