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Cardington Mill
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There are records of a mill belonging to Cardington Manor since 1086, presumably on the same site as the one pictured here in 1935.

It was rebuilt in about 1470 and specified to be able to grind all types of grain.

In 1779 the mill came under the ownership of
the Whitbread family, when the mill was rebuilt to John Smeaton’s design. This mill was able to grind 13 bushels of wheat per hour and was expected to be able produce an average of 8 bushels of wheat per hour over the period of a year - allowing for repairs etc.
The mill wheel was repaired in 1829 and the design of the wheel was changed from a common undershot wheel to the more efficient ‘ground shot’ type.

The mill continued working until about 1919 and was eventually demolished in 1936.
A bushel is an old (imperial) measurement for a volume of dry material, equivalent to 8 gallons of liquid.

Because it is a volume it means the weight of a bushel will vary depending on what is being weighed.