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Priory Country park is made up of lakes, rivers, streams and meadows, which are maintained to provide a mosaic of habitats.

The wildlife seems to appreciate this approach as there are over 900 species recorded in the park.

Water plays a big role in the park as you are never far from
Priory Country Park Priory Country Park
© Daniel Fellman 2009
© Daniel Fellman 2009
it. The variety of different water bodies mean that many species can find a home.

The meadows are home to completely different species. Their  edges are managed to provide a height and age structure for the transition to the plantations. These edges make a good place to go looking for butterflies and birds.
Some of the plantations are managed as a scrub belt for breeding birds. These areas are generally fenced off and have a variety of smaller shrubs and dense areas as well as maturing trees.

These enclosed plantations are  also used for bird ringing as part of an ongoing monitoring program.