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Yes we really do have Otters in the park. This photograph was taken in the Fingers Lake conservation area.

For the last four years there have been sightings of a mother with two cubs in the spring and we get frequent reports of the otters being sighted.
Priory Country Park Otters at 
They are generally shy animals so the chance of seeing one is slim, but they are seen on a regular basis by the bird watchers, fishermen and schools groups that use the park.

The otters within the park are thought to originate from either the captive-bred release of four individuals, just upstream of Bedford in 1995 or the 1998 release of six otters into the river Ivel.
Priory Country Park Priory Country Park
There have been five artificial holts created in the park, but we have no proof that they have ever been used.

We do however find spraint (otter poo) around the park and sometimes foot prints in fresh mud.
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