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Information Priory
Woodland Areas
Priory Country Park
There are many wooded areas around the park, almost all either border a meadow or a water body.

The woodland edges are managed to provide a height and age structured margin to the surrounding area, where possible.

The majority of the woods contain fairly young trees and
© Daniel Fellman 2009
Priory Country Park
© Daniel Fellman 2009
scrub as the park was only laid out in the early 1980's after the area had finished being used for other purposes.

Some areas are maintained as a scrub belt for the wild birds and as such receive regular coppicing to maintain the younger age and height structure. Other areas are deliberately left very dense as some types of birds prefer this habitat.
Some tree work is carried out in the woodland areas to maintain safety as the faster growing trees, willow and poplar, are not as strong as the slower growing ones.

You will see areas where the rangers have managed the woods as you walk around the park.